Miami Back and Neck Specialists

According to the study by Dielsen et al., neck and back pain estimates around $380 billion annually. Out of 154 conditions in the same research, neck and back pain had the highest expenditure.

With the neck and back pain intensity and recurrence increase with time, the patient needs to visit Miami back and neck specialists like Dr. Mouw.

Back pain is a common condition that troubles people the most. The overall quality of life is badly impacted and bothers other spheres of life.

Connecting a well-experienced and seasoned back pain specialist can help you eliminate back and neck pain. The pursuit of finding a clinically experienced expert in treating neck pain stops at Dr. Mouw of Motion Spine Institute.

Why is neck and back pain caused?

It happens due to the wear and tear of joints between the bones in the back and neck. This can cause stiffness and pain.

The neck and back region is susceptible to injuries. The trauma-induced injuries are another reason for neck and back pain. 

When should you visit a neurosurgeon for your neck and back pain?

The tissues in the back and neck spine tend to recover naturally. It doesn’t need any treatment option to cure. But, one needs to visit the clinician with intense and severe pain. Additionally, see a neurosurgeon if the pain lasts longer than two weeks.

Visit the motion spine institute for individualized and comprehensive minimally invasive surgical invention. 

Why Dr. Graham J. Mouw?

The excruciating pain in the neck and back often bothers older adults or those who met with accidents and got trauma-induced injuries. The neck supports the head and is susceptible to these kinds of injuries.

The back is another crucial region that needs the correct posture to stand, sit and sleep to maintain the vertebrae right. Finding and visiting the right clinician can reduce your efforts and cost to overcome neck and back pain. One can reduce the overall pain intensity and the cost with efforts to minimize the same to a significant amount with the help of the right doctors like Dr. Graham J. Mouw at Motion Spine Institute.

Comprehensive Care for Neck and Back Pain

At Motion Spine Institute, we ensure you get comprehensive and individualized pain management for your neck and back pain. We ensure you get the minimally invasive procedure to get you back in the right shape and get your trauma-induced pain well with the tools and expertise of Dr. Mouw.

At motion spine institute, we ensure you undergo a comprehensive and individualized treatment option. We provide you get rid of the problematic spine pain with the help of our specialists at motion spine institute.

Conventional treatment to Surgical Intervention for neck and back pain

Some conditions are manageable with conventional treatment options like spine injection and other traditional treatment options. These options can ease neck and back pain, while some conditions are severe and intense and require immediate surgical intervention.

The surgical intervention at motion spine institute is minimally invasive to get you cured and fix the issues you face with the treatment options we have.

Latest Technology

Dr. Mouw uses sophisticated technologies like Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT, Globus Secure-C®, HAVENTM Dual Plate Laminoplasty System, activL®, and Coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization Device®. 

These technologies help clinicians make decisions and lead to noninvasive and minimally invasive surgical options.

Using technologies can improve surgical accuracy and optimal outcomes at much-reduced rates.