Herniated disc specialist Near me

You may need a herniated disc specialist when you experience tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. A herniated disc usually causes it.

A herniated disc is a common issue in the lower back, but it can also bother your neck. You may need a herniated disc specialist near me after a traumatic accident.

A disc can become herniated by the applied pressure that may cause misalignment of the spinal cord. It may happen without hinting at any idea to you. The symptoms may worsen with time.

For which symptoms do I need to look out for a herniated disc specialist near me?

You may need a herniated disc specialist for the following reasons you may term as symptoms.

  • Aging: it may lead the disc to lose the water content with time.
  • Lifting heavy objects improperly.
  • Causes of Herniated Discs Include
  • Because of the aging, the wear and tear on the disc can be another reason that may push you to call upon a herniated disc specialist.

How to diagnose herniated disc?

A professional herniated disc specialist may ask you to go for a series of diagnostic tests.
The doctor may review your medical history and give you a physical exam. The doctor may ask for any of the following diagnostic tests to get the meaningful insights into the physical condition and be assured about the situation:


Magnetic resonance imaging is a usual test used to diagnose the soft tissues in the body. The spine’s discs, joints, and bones are evaluated in an MRI test. This test provides an accurate assessment of the spine area by locating where herniation happened.


An X-ray may not be the precise test to diagnose the herniated disc, but it can rule out the other possibilities of back pain, whether it is an infection, tumor, or other issues. The imaging tests like X-rays cannot help assess soft tissues like muscle ligaments, but they can help the herniated disc specialist locate the vertebrae surrounding the herniated disc. 

CT Scan

CT scan is used when the clinician suspects issues with the bones or in case you cannot undergo other imaging tests like Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


A Myelogram is a test that uses some dye to detect and diagnose the spinal cord. It helps the doctor assess the area of the herniated disc with more clarity and precision.

If you, as a patient, overlook the issues of a herniated disc, it may worsen with time.

If you or your loved ones face the same pain, this may be the case of a herniated disc.

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