Motion Sparing Spinal Technology

What is Cervical Disc Replacement?

Cervical Disc Replacement also called Total Disc Arthroplasty (TDA) is the removal and replacement of one or several impaired discs in the neck with an FDA approved motion sparing artificial disc. There are a number of artificial cervical disc replacements. Globus Secure-C has shown outstanding results at 7 year follow up.

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What is Secure-C made of?

The top and bottom of the Globus Secure-C disc are titanium plates. A polyethyelene core separates the titanium plates and replicates the nucleus of the spines natural discs, allowing them to slide and compress.

Learn more about Secure-C with this patient brochure:

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Cervical Disc Replacement vs. Cervical Fusion

Traditional fusion methods which involve replacing the disc with a bone graft (causing the vertebrae to grow together) lead to a complete loss of motion. The cervical spine is the most mobile part of the spine so fusion should be the last, not the first option. Other benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement compared to fusion include:

Recovery Time 1 week or less4-6 weeks
Range of Motion Comparable to the natural spineComplete loss of motion
Overall Composite Clinical Success (CCS) (7-year postoperative) Higher (86.3%) 3Lower (70%) 3
Adjacent Level Surgery (7-year postoperative) Less common (4.2%)3More common (16%)3
Neck Disability Index (NDI) Better clinical outcomes1Worse clinical outcomes 1
Visual Analog Scale (VAS) of Neck and Arm Pain Score Better clinical outcomes1Worse clinical outcomes 1
Non-union spinal fusion (pseudarthrosis) Eliminated because the disc is replacedPossible because the disks are grafted together
Readmission Less common2More common2
Esophagus Irritation Less likely because there is no plate placed on the spineMore likely because there is a plate placed on the spine
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